Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two sweet boys – and others – need our faith and prayers…

Our little Ronan Godfrey was discharged from the hospital at City of Hope last Monday – much earlier than expected after about 45 days!  He was to return to the hospital at least three days a week but at least the whole family would be sleeping under their own roof.  However, Ronan has come down with a fever and is back in the hospital.  Once again, our faith and prayers are requested in his behalf.  

We also have another sweet boy, also 3 yrs old, who has had a bone marrow transplant, and needs our prayers.  His name is Jacob Long and he used to live in Redlands 1st Ward with his mom and dad, Kylene and Joshua, and brother Ethan.  Kylene and the boys came to workdays, so many of you may remember them.  Jacob had his transplant at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles on April 15th, and has had a lot of ups and downs since then.  Jacob was discharged 10 days ago (July 20) after 91 days, but tests since then show that one form of his donor cells is very low and he needs more stem cells from his original donor (if the donor is willing).  Otherwise, he will need to start the entire process over with a new donor.  Please pray for all involved here.  You are invited to follow Jacob’s progress at

Below are two pictures of Jacob at the hospital and one with his brother, Ethan, in March before the transplant.   The middle one is of Jacob and 5 year old Ethan, sending hugs to each other through the doorway to Jacob’s room since they weren’t allowed to touch.



Please remember Ronan and Jacob and their families in your prayers and invite your children to join you.  Despite everything they are going through with their own little boys, both Ronan and Jacob’s mothers have asked that we also request your prayers for a child each has met in the hospital.  The last post describes Rachel Godfrey’s request for us to encourage more people of racial and ethnic minorities to join the registry, as those from minorities groups who need bone marrow transplants have a far less chance of receiving a good match due to there simply not having many choices available.  A five-year old boy in a room next to Ronan was dealing with this very situation (see last post).

Jacob’s mother, Kylene Long, asked that we share this story about now 8-week old Katelyn, who is being treated at CHLA.  She is in need of a lung transplant in order to survive.  Kylene feels that the more the word is spread, the more likely someone who is in the position to donate, will think of Katelyn.  The link to the story is:

Let me add one more:  A couple of weeks ago, four of us went to LLUCH to meet with the nurse who is director of the NICU Bereavement Program which we will be making things for.  While scrubbing up to enter the NICU area, we met a new young father who was there to be with his tiny new baby daughter.  During our short visit, he enthusiastically said, “Our daughter is doing just awesome!  She just got put on the heart transplant list yesterday!”  He explained that she was already doing so much better than any doctor had predicted, predictions which began just a few months into his wife’s pregnancy right up to the day before we met him.  It turns out that this dad and his family are members of the church and are attending Redlands 1st ward while here at LLUCH.  Please add this fifth little child your list.


Stayed tuned for news of what we have coming up for next week’s (August 11th) workday

Meanwhile, if you want to stop by Pic’n Save or the 99 cent store, we’re looking for buckets, laundry baskets, cleaning products, cleaning rags, dustpan, and anything else a family might find helpful in setting up house in a new apartment.  Thanks! 

“Those we serve, we love.”       Robert L. Backman

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ronan’s Bake Sale, Compassion Kits for LLUMC, and Come Join Us on Thursday!

Thanks for helping to make the Benefit Concert for Ronan a SUCCESS!  The Baked goods were a hit!

This event was extra special because Ronan’s mom and dad and baby brother were able to come! A friend stayed at the hospital  with Ronan so they could get away for their first fun evening together since New Year’s Eve!  We were able to visit with Rachel and Nick and feel of their strength and spirit.   Although they, with Ronan, have endured some very difficult times, Ronan is progressing.  

A friend of Ronan’s parents wrote in an email on the day after the benefit:

“We couldn't have done it without your help and Women of Faith's hard work and generosity.  Rachel and Nick had a wonderful evening.  I'm not sure who was with Ronan at the hospital during the concert, but he played happily all evening, and was asleep for the night before Rachel and Nick left the hospital for the concert.  So, this was the first time Rachel and Nick have had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves in a long time.

They talked a lot about you, and your church [I would add all ‘Women of Faith’ participants], and it means so much to them - your prayers and caring about Ronan, even more than the financial support.”

Another close friend of the family and organizer of the event wrote this just before the fundraiser which expresses all of our sentiments:

“It's so amazing when we focus on the parts of life and faith that we have in common - certainly helping a family make it through this tough time is a place where God calls us. I am blessed to be working with you on this!”

Here are a few shots from Saturday night.  We’ll share more pictures later.

Ronan’s family: Rachel, baby Callum, and Nick Godfrey


Look at this spread of yummy baked goods!


And more!


Rachel made a request that we would like to pass along.  She said that another child they have met at City of Hope is five years old and received his transplant two years ago.  His mother is from Belize and his father is African-American.  There was no match for him in the registry, so the best they could do was from his mother with a 5 or 6 out of 12 match.  (Remember that Ronan’s is a 12/12 match.)  He is having a really hard time.  The problem is that only 14% of all matches in the registry are for anything other than Caucasian.  So those of other ethnicities have little chance of having a good match.  So, Rachel asked that we spread the word to everyone, but especially to anyone who is non-Caucasian, of the need to join the registry.  So let’s do it!   And continue to remember Ronan in our prayers. 


“The smallest gestures clumped together and piled one on top of each other can make a world of difference.”                               Deanna Cogdon


We’re starting a new project this month.  It’s for LLUMC, but may extend to other Hospitals

We have been asked to make items for and put together ‘compassion kits’ for the hospital’s NICU Bereavement Program.   It is a specially designed program to assist families who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or after birth.

A Memory Box includes the following (we’ll be providing the items that are listed below in blue):

  • Heart Necklace
  • Stuffed animal
  • Baby Powder Pillow
  • Shell with clay footprint
  • Heart with Forget-me-not seeds
  • 3D Hand mold
  • Envelope for hair swatch
  • Blanket
  • Baby’s bedside belongings

compassion kit contents display

We will also make:

  • blankets in several sizes, crocheted, knitted, and flannel
  • baby gowns in several sizes, some white and some in soft baby prints
  • very small and even tiny hats
  • cards – specifically designed (details to come)

We have very specific instructions for each of these items.  If you’d like to help, come to workday to get the details.  Some of these projects will work very well for those wanting to work from home, so if you want to help in that way, give us a call for details.  We will especially be looking for those who would like to crochet very tiny hats and crochet around tiny blankets.  Watch for more details. 

Thursday,July 14th, is another workday.  Please join us anytime between 11am – 8pm.

You can choose from the following (more to come):

1. sew wheelchair/walker caddies (we have some improvements to make after having an ‘expert’ try it out for us.)

2. crochet hats

3. cut out, sew, and/or tie quilts

4. fold origami peace cranes

5. make greeting cards for the pediatric wing of LLUCH

6. assemble hygiene kits for local parolees through Step by Step and the Police and Corrections Team

7. mark copies of the Book of Mormon to go to county jails

8. combine granny squares to make afghans

NOTE:  **We are trying to gather a list of  names of “Women of Faith Supporters” who work in local hospitals or nursing homes, etc.  If you are one, please let your humanitarian representative know or email with your name, the name of the hospital or facility, and area where you work.

Current Requests for Donations:

  • Soft white flannel
  • Flannel in soft colors and gentle prints
  • Press-on interfacing
  • Gallon size Ziploc bags
  • Yarn, particularly soft baby yarn in white, baby blue, and baby pink
  • Used greeting cards (we’re cutting them up to make new cards)
  • Card stock and paper in a variety of colors
  • Scrapbooking paper – even scraps from other projects
  • Hygiene items: full size or samples, especially toothpaste, shaving cream, men’s deodorant
  • Quilt batting or donations of $$ to purchase it. (We can get it by the bolt for ½ price.)
  • Origami paper, mostly 6” x 6”  (use your JoAnn’s or Michael’s coupons)
  • Velcro (not the kind with adhesive; use your coupons for this too)
  • Your time at workday or at home


“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”    Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ronan’s Concert and Bake Sale Just Around the Corner

To our wonderful Women of Faith and supporters!

We know it’s terribly hot to be baking this week! Nevertheless, we invite you to whip up something (let the kids help!) for the bake sale to help 4-yr old Ronan Godfrey's family with the rising expenses associated with his 2-3 month hospital stay following his bone marrow transplant.  We'll be at the LDS church @ 350 Wabash Ave in Redlands (next to the temple) to receive your goodies and will take them to the benefit concert being sponsored by the Redlands United Church of Christ @ 6pm on Saturday, July 9th.  Please bring your favorite goodie recipe ‘packaged for sale’  to the LDS Church any of these three times:

Friday, July 8th from 10am-noon

Friday, July 8th from 6-7pm

Saturday, July 9th from  11am-noon

Ideas: Cookies, cakes, brownies, bars, bread, cup cakes, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, candy, etc., etc., etc.

**Of course, you are also invited to the concert. See our last blog post for details.

Questions? Contact Jean @ 909 794-0456 or

Happy Baking!

Love, Your Humanitarian Committee