Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There is little use in asking who is my neighbor; I am neighbor to my neighbor in need.

It’s time again!  Workday is tomorrow, September 8, 11am-8pm.  Please grab a friend and come for an hour.  If you’d like to pick up something to do at home, we have kits to make baby gowns, blankets to crochet around, and will probably have several other kinds of things ready to go in a short time.  We’ll also have directions for making the three different sizes of crocheted baby blankets, with directions for knitting the blankets available soon.   

Ready, Set, almost ready to Go… for the women and children of Afghanistan!

Except for more warm clothing which we’ll pack tomorrow, our pallets are almost ready for their transport to March ARB in Riverside, and then on to Kabul scheduled to arrive on October 4th!  Thanks to many of you who came to our five “Pallet Parties” at the airport.  We finished our work much quicker than we thought!  We have some fun pictures we’ll share - (when there is time to get them up).   Meanwhile, watch the Press Enterprise for an article coming out soon.  And if you see it – please let me know?!  

We will be happy to welcome Linda Welz from the Public Affairs Office at March Air Force Base for a visit to workday tomorrow.  If you’d like to meet her, come right at 11:00 a.m.  Linda will be traveling on the C17 with our shipment to Kabul!    

Need over-the-counter and prescription medications for Julee Brice to take to Haiti next month.

Julee is a Physician’s Assistant and is going on a medical mission to Haiti from October 21-30.  She will be working at the Mission of Hope for the week and expects to see about 50 patients a day.  This is an entirely voluntary trip on Julee’s part.  She is also responsible to provide all of the medications that she will use while there, both prescription and over-the-counter.  I.E. antibiotics, pain relievers, nutritional supplements, etc.  Let’s help! 

If you have contacts with or suggestions of sources for medications, please call Julee.  (Contact us for her contact information.)  Samples are acceptable.  We have a full list which we can email to you if you like.  Julee will also accept cash donations to purchase the needed medications.

In addition, Julee is hoping to take some gifts to share with the children in the area through LDS church leaders located very close to her work location.  We have some items she may be able to take.  Julee will be getting more information soon and we’ll pass the word along.   

Thanks for the donations!

Have we thanked you lately for your donations and contributions?  One question new-comers – or even heads of programs we are serving – nearly always ask is where we get our funding for the projects we do.  We are 100% dependant on donations of goods, and cash to purchase items that we need, and 100% of all donations go straight to our projects.   Many, many times, just when we’ve had a need for something in particular, or have need to purchase something, the donations have come.  God is behind our work, and we feel his love and support through your hands and hearts.  Again, thank you.   

This month we especially need:

For the Bereavement Program:

  • more of the baby yarn: white, blue, and pink
  • white crochet thread
  • white – or soft pastel colors – photo boxes
  • bear or lamb stuffed animals (beanie babies okay)    

For Housewarming Kits for ITH Families (all can be found at Big Lots, 99 cent store, etc.):

  • laundry baskets and plastic buckets
  • cleaning products like spray cleaners, Comet, dishwashing detergent, etc.
  • toilet brush, dust pan, cleaning rags

For Origami cranes:

  • origami paper (especially 6 x 6 inch)

For Hygiene kits for our area parolees:

  • any hygiene item, especially toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo


Check the last post for a details of our current projects, which also include:

Greeting cards for pediatrics at LLUMC

Making and tying quilts, including lap quilts

Wheelchair/walker caddies

Crocheting hats for the homeless, children served by the Inland Burn Institute, and others.

Robertson Memorial Boys Home :

    Thanks Redlands 2 Ward who provided a birthday celebration for Amond this week!  If you have a group that would like to help will any future holiday, give us jingle!


That’s it for now!  Hope to see or hear from you soon!


Your humanitarians sisters


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Mohandas Gandhi