Monday, August 18, 2008

Distribution of Women of Faith's First Shipment to Afghanistan in June 2005

Many of you have had an opportunity to see the photos taken of our first shipment's distribution in Afghanistan in June of 2005. Many more of you have not. Finally, they are available to view here. Thanks goes to Fauzia Assifi, our dear friend and a board member of International Orphan Care, who is responsible for the photos. She and Abdullah Farani directed the distribution of our gifts. Fauzia is an Afghan-American who escaped to the United States as a young mother at the beginning of the Russian occupation. She traveled to Afghanistan to be there for our shipment's arrival. She then felt the call to return permanently to serve the women and children of her war-torn homeland. She remains an inspiration for all we are doing here.

Following are photos of the market place in Kabul, Afghanistan.

We'd like to take this opportunity to again thank everyone for your support in our humanitarian efforts, both local and far away. As we approach the ship date of our container to Afghanistan, we invite you to re-double your efforts to see it through to the end. We can't wait to receive more photos of our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan being blessed by our efforts! Onward!

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