Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Times for special activities and FREE ORIGAMI PAPER

We will have at least 8 different projects going at workday tomorrow. Most projects you can do anytime you want, but we have special helpers coming at the following times to help with specific activities. If you want to help with one of these particular projects – see if coming at these times will work for you (though of course, you are welcome any time!).

11:30 – Paper Cranes***, complete with DVD and written instructions. (Kristy Hall)

12:30 – Gift tags for our Christmas gifts for our boys at the Robertson Memorial Home (Cheryl Hallen)

3:00 – Crocheting granny squares and putting them together into afghans (Trish Dennert)

***Regarding the PAPER CRANES: We will have some origami paper tomorrow, but we need lots more. Here are 2 ways you can help:

1) Michael’s and JoAnn’s both carry it and it’s NOT on sale right now, which means you can use your 50% off coupons to get it.

2) Here’s news of a completely free offer for origami paper via the internet. This is a link to a blog post explaining the offer and here is the offer Please take time to order the free paper, whether you are planning to make the cranes yourself or would like to just donate the paper. (If the links don’t work, copy and paste them into your browser.)

Thank you, Ann Molino, for this timely information!

Origami Crane

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