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Humanitarian Update and Invitation to Workday on Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010-11-19 coat drive part 2

Come Join Us

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You are invited to drop by the
LDS Stake Center
at the corner of 5th and Wabash in Redlands
any time between the hours of
11 am and 8 pm

You’re invited to join us on December 9th and may choose from the following activities:          

  1. “Clean, Warm, and Cozy” Coat Drive: In November we  completed phase one and processed 889 coats, jackets, quilts, and some clothing.  We’ll be completing the project this month when we sort donations coming from fifteen elementary schools, the University of Redlands, the Soroptimist Club, Citrus Valley High School, and several locations in the city of Redlands.  This project assisting the Redlands Service Clubs Council for the second year will provide coats and other warm items to the needy this winter.       

    Thanks to everyone who took bags full of items home to wash last month!.  Things were gone in a flash!  We need you again this week so drop by and help us sort and/or take a bag to clean and return your items as quickly as possible.  The cold weather has come so we want them to be put to use right away!  

    The items are going to these four organizations:


    Oh, and special thanks to those who have transported dozens of loads of donations from locations all over our community!  And to Vine’s Storage in Mentone who has made space to keep our most recent loads at their facility on Colton Avenue.  We couldn’t do this without the tremendous support of so many!  Thanks! 

    Here are just a few shots from phase 1 of this year’s coat drive! 2010-11-11 workday 02
    We just had to hang this donated quilt because it was so cute! 
    2010-11-11 workday 03 2010-11-11 workday 04 A A few of the bags ready to go to Family Service Association:2010-11-11 workday 15  Nothing left but empty boxes…2010-11-11 workday 01 
  2. ORIGAMI CRANES: Our count is now over 350 cranes!  Check September’s post for details of why we are involved with this effort. We need lots of origami paper, so if you haven’t used your Michaels or JoAnn’s coupons yet this month, you could use it to get some paper for us.  We need all we can get.  Good quality wrapping paper also works well.  Notice who is teaching this beautiful art form – the kids!
    2010-11-11 workday cranes 1
    2010-11-11 workday cranes 2  
    2010-11-11 workday cranes 3
    We’ll be doing this for awhile, so if you’re already into scrapbooking or would like to learn, we could use your help.  We are collecting used greeting cards that we can cut up and use in our card making, so hang on to yours and and bring them with you.  We could use more cute paper and card stock if you have any to donate.
    Thanks to everyone who chose a gift tag last month for one of our twelve young men.  If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to return it by Thursday’s workday or by next Sunday.  Our gifts, including the duffle bags which we’ll be wrapping, will be delivered with Christmas stockings filled by the Cadettes from Girl Scout Troop 979 a few days before Christmas. 
  5. COLLECTING FOR THE INROADS PROGRAM AT THE GLEN HELEN REHABILITATION CENTER: We just made our second delivery of gifts to this facility. Our delivery included puzzles, toys, games, helmets, stuffed animals, books for inmates and their children, and religious materials. The religious literature will be shared with four county jails.  We will continue to collect paperback copies of the Book of Mormon and mark them with scripture mastery scriptures and our testimonies.  

  6. GRANNY SQUARES INTO AFGHANS: Come help us crochet more squares and put them together into lap quilts!
  7. WINTER HATS FOR THE HOMELESS:   If you have never made one of these hats, you’ve got to learn how! They are easy and something to do when watching TV or listening to your children read. We have looms you can check out and yarn too. We counted 113 medium to large hats ready to deliver to Blessing Center.  Special thanks to several of you who are making a lot of these hats at home! They really are adding up and are just beautiful!!!
     2010-11 hats for Blessing Center 02
  8. SLIPPERS ON LOOMS:  Learn how to make slippers on the smallest hat loom (the blue one).

  9. ASSEMBLE HYGIENE KITS for area parolees. We’ll continue as we’ve done now for several years. Thanks to several faith groups from all over town for your contributions to this cause! Contributions of any hygiene items are welcome, including trial size. The 99cent store, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots are good places to pick up some inexpensively.
  10. QUILTS:  As always... there will be quilts to put together, sew, and tie. 


Here’s an update of what’s been done in the past month outside of our regular workday.  Thanks for making it happen!

  • ROBERTSON BOYS’ HOME: Birthday celebrations for Sean and Terray were delivered in the past month. These young men really enjoy our visits, including the children that come along.

  • Thanks to the Redlands 3rd ward sisters who tied yet two more baby quilts this past month.

  • REDLANDS STAKE MID-SINGLES HOSTED A MID-SINGLE DINNER/SERVICE/FIRESIDE on November 20th.  It was a lovely evening.  Several projects were worked on and it was a fun evening!


From times past...

  • Do these pictures bring back memories?

        PICT0019   PICT0022                         PICT0021           PICT0020

  • If you’d like to participate in our work, but can’t come to workday, you can still participate by making a donation or choosing something you'd like to do at home. Just contact the specialist from your ward or congregation. If you do not have one, contact Jean Arnott at jeanarnott@gmail.com.

  • If you would like to contribute financially, you may do so by making a check out to the Redlands California Stake and send it to Jean Arnott, 31838 Florida Avenue, Mentone 92359.  Currently, financial contributions are going towards the purchase of fleece to make children’s and youth size blankets. 

    If you know someone who doesn’t know about our efforts and might like to help, please pass the word along to them.

    We’ll continue to have workdays on the 2nd Thursday of each month. So put a star on those dates and see you next time on January 12th, same time & place.

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