Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update of Women of Faith activities and invitation to join us on Thursday, May 12!

Spring is definitely bursting forth with good works, and more opportunities are just around the corner.

With your help, the following happened in April: 


         City of Hope drive at workday                  Pic of Ronan in hospital               1) 143 individuals were added to the Bone Marrow Registry on behalf of 3-year Ronan Godfrey at April’s workday and drive . Over 100 calls have been generated and at least two more registry drives are being set up as a result of the following press release:  http://www.pe.com/localnews/sbcounty/stories/PE_News_Local_D_ronan25.2256dee.html.   Please continue to pray that a match will be found for young Ronan.  We received a sweet note from Ronan’s mom and dad, expressing gratitude for our efforts.  Also, please spread the word that you may still register online at www.bethematch.org. Follow the instructions and enter promo code Hope4Ronan.  


                           clip_image002[6]                           clip_image002[4]   

2) Over 120 baby and preemie hats, two outfits, and three isolet blankets were delivered to the LLUMC NICU unit. They want more! 


                  2011 1200 cranes ready 5                     2011 1200 cranes ready 4

3) Our first twelve hundred origami peace cranes were presented to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum in partnership with the Redlands Sister Cities Association.   (Yes, we are still folding…)

                                     clip_image002[4]                                       clip_image002[8]

4) A fun and meaningful Easter event was had with our boys at the Robertson Memorial Boys Home.   This first of two activities in April was put on by fifteen men and women from our mid-singles group.  They hosted a dinner, Easter egg hunt and activities, and Easter service for the boys and staff.    In addition to those who participated at the event with setting up, and providing music, presentations, activities and games, thanks also to those who donated and prepared food, Easter decorations, baskets, and candies – much of it homemade.   We’ll share photos in a future post.    


                                     clip_image002[10]                                   clip_image002[8]

5) The second activity with our boys allowed them to honor their mothers (or a significant mother-figure in their lives) for Mother’s Day.  Just as last year, our boys were able to choose and wrap gifts and make cards for their mothers.    We’ll be having a similar activity for Father’s Day too, so if you’d like to be involved, let us know!


                                          clip_image002                                             Origami Crane

6) Fifth and sixth graders at Monterey Elementary in San Bernardino have learned how to make hats and have made them for themselves and members of their families; hats they make now will be to donate!   Now they are learning how to make origami peace cranes and are adding their flock to ours.  


7) Youth from Highland 2nd ward have also been making hats to add to what we will give to LLUCH NICU, the Burn Institute, and the homeless.

                                                                      Origami Crane

8) By request, we have had an opportunity to teach the GATE students at Mariposa Elementary how to make origami peace cranes.  The cranes they make are being added to our next batch to give to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. 


Thursday is another workday.  Come and help us:

1. sew wheelchair/walker caddies

2. crochet hats

3. cut out, sew, and/or tie quilts

4. fold origami peace cranes

5. make greeting cards for the pediatric wing of LLUCH

6. assemble hygiene kits for local parolees through Step by Step and the Police and Corrections Team

7. mark copies of the Book of Mormon to go to county jails

8. combine granny squares to make afghans

Stay tuned for details of a couple of new projects coming up.  They will involve helping the homeless youth in Redlands and those who grieve at the loss of their baby at our local hospitals. 

NOTE:  **We are trying to gather a list of “Women of Faith Supporters” who work in local hospitals or nursing homes, etc.  If you are one, please let your humanitarian representative know or email jeanarnott@gmail.com with your name, the name of the hospital or facility, and area where you work.

Current Requests for Donations:

  • Yarn, particularly soft baby yarn
  • Used greeting cards (we’re cutting them up to make new cards)
  • Card stock and construction paper in a variety of colors
  • Scrapbooking paper – even scraps from other projects
  • Hygiene items: full size or samples, especially toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, and larger size combs
  • Quilt batting or donations of $$ to purchase it. (We can get it by the bolt for ½ price.)
  • Origami paper (use your JoAnn’s or Michael’s coupons)
  • Velcro (not the kind with adhesive; use your coupons for this too)
  • Your time at workday or at home


“I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

                                                                    Edward Evert Hale

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