Monday, June 27, 2011

Invitation to Participate in Bake Sale for Ronan

Ronan Godfrey received his bone marrow transplant this past Tuesday.  Though Ronan was a very sick little boy from the pre-transplant regimen of chemo and radiation, he is doing well and the expectations are that the transplant will be a success!!!   

Though the Godfrey's are blessed to have good insurance, other costs are quickly mounting.  For example, childcare for 12 week old baby Callum while Rachel is at the hospital with Ronan for the three month duration, will be at least $4000. (Someone has to be with Ronan 24/7 and of course it is largely Rachel.)  Dad has had to get back to work and is commuting as much as he can to see his family at the City of Hope.  Gas is of course taking a toll.  We can imagine what other costs of living 'away from home' for these several months are adding up to.  So...

Ronan's church, the Redlands United Church of Christ, is having a fund raiser on Saturday, July 9th @ 6p.m.  They will host “a night of music” (see flyer below) and are hoping for a big crowd.  Everyone is invited.  

What we'd like to add as our contribution, is to provide items for a Bake Sale to take place at the concert:  cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes, bars, candy, anything you can think of.  

We're going to collect all the baked goods at the LDS church on Fifth and Wabash in Redlands and get them to the head of the fund-raising committee on Saturday afternoon. We invite anyone and everyone to participate by making up your favorite goodie recipe and bringing it ‘packaged for sale’ to the LDS church (5th/Wabash) any of these three times:

Friday, July 8th from 10am-noon

Friday, July 8th from 6-7pm

Saturday, July 9th from  11am-noon

Questions?  Contact Jean Arnott 909 794-0456 or


                          RUCC concert fund raiser


Victoria said...

When you say "packaged for sale" does that include a price on each packaged item?

I'd probably be more comfortable with having what I bring get price there at the bake sale so my items will be pin the same general price range as other similar items there.

Jean Arnott said...

Good question - and you're not the first to ask!
We'll put the price tag on. Just have your goodies on a plate, in a bag, or in whatever form that's ready to set out for sale. For example, rather than the whole batch of cookies in a box, divide them up into smaller quantities and bag them so they're ready to sell. THANKS!