Saturday, October 1, 2011

Assisting Julee Brice to help the people of Haiti – Donations ‘pack day’ is October 16th!

The time for Julee’s one-week medical mission is approaching.  She leaves on October 21 and will treat 50 people each day she is in Haiti.  Two of the days will be spent in remote villages to see people who are unable to get to the hospital.  Her group consists of one doctor, three Physician’s Assistants (she is one), and a few nurses and emergency room technicians.  A few lay people, including her husband, Bishop Brice, will also accompany.  All are going at their own expense through an organization called Mission of Hope.    

Julee is grateful for those who have already helped by donating medications and other items she needs to help in treating her patients.  A dentist has donated  500 tablets of amoxicillin, another Doctor has donated $500 in antibiotic and pain relievers.  There are people donating money at the "Yoga Room in Redlands".   Individuals from Women of Faith have donated sterile gloves and much more. 

October 16th is the day Julee plans to pack all medications and medical supplies.  The items she is still in most need of are:  Cipro, Flagyl, Doxycycline, Iron, Folic Acid, baby formula, protein packs, multi vitamins, snack pack baggies.  If you just want to donate cash, Julee will go shopping.  (Costco is allowing her to purchase any antibiotics at their cost.)

We have 15 more days to help!  You can contact Julee at

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