Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world. Anne Frank



#1 Our gifts for the women and children of Afghanistan have arrived in Kabul! 

Details and pictures of the prep and transport coming soon!    We expect to begin getting pictures of the distribution that we will share as well. 

#2 Julee is busily putting things together for her medical mission to Haiti which she leaves for on October 26th (see former post).

Thanks to all for your support!  In addition to the medications she is packing, she is also taking soft cloth dolls.  And the Happy Factory has just agreed to donate 100 handmade wooden cars. Stay tuned for one more request that may be coming down the pike in the next few days.  It could be the frosting on the cake for some special children! 

#3 Workday is just around the corner -Thursday, October 13, 11am-8pm.

We’d love to have your participation at workday, at home, or through making a donation.  (See former post for list of projects as well as a list of the items we’re looking for.) 

Please keep in mind that we’ll be having our annual coat drive in cooperation with the Redlands Service Club Council as part of November’s and December’s workdays.  Last year we processed 3355 items, including over 2100 coats and jackets.  We’ll need your help again with sorting, bagging, and cleaning.  The dates for those workdays will be:

             Nov 10

             Dec 1 (PLEASE NOTE THE NEW DATE; IT IS NOT DEC 8!)   

Have a wonderful autumn! 


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